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Businesses and governmental entities can extract value from PlanetWatch in several ways.

Local Government

Entities in charge of public health can improve safety by leveraging our advanced air quality monitoring solutions. For outdoor as well as indoor air quality monitoring, governmental customers can obtain high-resolution, real-time data for their territory, data analysis services, alerts and user-friendly web interfaces in a fast and cost-effective manner. Optionally, by deploying additional sensors in the venue, a simple COVID-19 infection risk mitigation solution can be implemented.

Hospitality & Tourism

PlanetWatch can help hotels gain a competitive advantage by deploying indoor air quality monitoring and purification solutions to inform and reassure customers regarding health and safety in the hotel. Additional services, such as location-specific air quality information for tourists and lifestyle suggestions (don't go jogging here, at this time,..) can be provided. Optionally, we can assist hotels towards obtaining the prestigious RESET Air Quality Monitoring certification.

Hospitals, Retirement Homes and High-risk populations

Our indoor air quality monitoring and infection risk mitigation solutions are very relevant to organizations such as hospitals, retirement homes, etc, which cater for high-risk COVID-19 groups: people aged 60 years and older, those living in long-term care facilities and people with underlying health conditions. We can also supply wearable air quality sensors for personal monitoring in clinical studies of sensitive populations such as
asthma sufferers.

Insurance Companies

Our monitoring solutions enable the creation of improved health risk models by studying correlations between air quality, building management and individual lifestyles. Advanced insurance contracts and SLAs could be devised regarding an employer's liability to provide a healthy work environment, or the management of venues such as airports, etc. Blockchain-based records can prove compliance with best practices, safety regulations and building certification standards.

Public transport and shared car rides

Sharing a small space in a crowded bus or in a car with strangers yields potential COVID-19 infection risks. Companies in these markets can develop a significant competitive advantage through real-time air quality monitoring solutions, leading to safer rides than their competitors. Our sensors can monitor the air in the vehicle and check that best practices are being implemented. Air quality data could be shared via customer apps.

Domotics and marketing

By linking an indoor air quality monitor to a smart home device (or integrating it into the device itself), customers could then query the device and ask how good the air is, or get automatic voice recommendations "please open a window" when air quality degrades, etc. Moreover, with customer's consent, indoor domestic air quality data could be monetized by profiling customers for ads on air purifiers, etc.

Location-based services
- App developers

Our high-resolution, real-time air quality datasets could be used to add an "air quality layer" on top of Google maps. Instead of just finding the fastest route between two locations, users who walk, bike or ride a motorbike would be able to find the "safest" path, minimizing the amount of inhaled pollutants, or get suggestions on the safest nearby park to go jogging.

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